Water Pump Bikes agosto 7, 2019

Water Pump Bikes for Sustainable Development are specially adapted bikes that pump water by peddling them and gives permanent access to water to vulnerable / Low income families. Azada Verde locally constructs these Water Pump Bikes and installs them for beneficiary families in Sofala’s Chibabava district where poverty and food insecurity and hunger are at the most staggering in Mozambique. Families can than irrigate their fields throughout the year helping them grow food for their own consumption and source of income. 

Solar Lamps agosto 3, 2019

The Solar Lamps project spearheaded by Light Humanity, an organization dedicated to achieving universal access to sustainable energy and, in particular, solar energy. Light Humanity is dedicated to reducing the gap of only 1 in 7 people having access to electricity on this planet. They develop quality solar solutions that serve to provide sustainable and accessible energy for both outdoor enthusiasts and for people living without access to electricity, survivors of natural disasters and refugees. Azada Verde is an ambassador…

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