Agricultural Associations

This project is increasing the income and production of smallholder families around the village of Mangunde (Chibabava district) thanks to the provision of agricultural supplies, skills training and the promotion of farmers associations.

An initial success of the project was the creation of 4 new agricultural associations in the area, which now regularly produce vegetables and sell them to the nearest markets. The project is benefiting many families, especially women, who for the first time in their lives are disposing of their own income.

Detalles Proyecto

Beneficiarios/as : 784 People (112 families)
Fecha Inicio : november 1, 2013
Temática : Agriculture, Gender Empowerment

Asociación inscrita en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones: Sección: 1ª/ Número Nacional: 613437 - NIF: G87905634.
Calle Alameda nº 22 - 28014 - Madrid - España - Contacto: azadaverde@azadaverde.org
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